Heating, ventilation and air conditioning of industrial, administrative and residential buildings

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Heating with air heaters

Air heaters are devices suitable for manufacturing, industrial, commercial buildings or entertainment buildings. Suitable for heating all spaces where it's necessary to achieve thermal comfort in a fast and economical way.

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Heating with boilers with pellets

   The main and very important difference between the heating water boiler with pellets and the solid fuel boiler is rooted in the way the combustion process is done.

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Heating with thermal pump

 Water, as well as air and soil, are inexhaustible sources of energy, which, combined with the modern technology of heat pumps, allow the extraction of heat for heating and cooling of residential, administrative and office buildings.

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Underfloor heating of utility rooms

Underfloor heating represents the optimum solution for comfort and energy savings. In fact, this leads to achieving the perfect temperature profile between floor and ceiling.

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Ventilation for utility rooms.

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