Ventilation for utility rooms.

Through ventilation the air environment of the rooms with people does not contain harmful gases, vapors or dust exceeding the limit concentration. The ventilation system is a complex of facilities (fans, filters, heaters) and elements (air ducts, ventilation grilles, expansion devices, and silencers) with which ventilation is achieved.

Ventilation of industrial premises

For ventilation of large industrial premises there are mainly used mixed systems that combine general and local ventilation system. In rare cases, for example when heat is mainly released into the room or the formation of harmful substances is not concentrated in a particular area of the room, it is not appropriate to use local aspiration ventilation system. In such cases it is appropriate to use only general circulation ventilation.

Accordingly, if the technological process is accompanied by the release of significant quantities of harmful gases, vapors and dust, it is recommended to build a combined ventilation system. Exceptions are production areas where processes occur with the release of considerable amount of dust, as well as the formation of especially harmful substances. In this case, it is better to be installed a local aspiration ventilation and respectively it is not recommended to use general circulation ventilation.