Underfloor heating of utility rooms

Underfloor heating represents the optimum solution for comfort and energy savings. In fact, this leads to achieving the perfect temperature profile between floor and ceiling.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the underfloor heating?

The main argument in favour of the underfloor heating system is the increased comfort of the person in the room, because the entire surface of the floor is used. The air in the room is heated from the bottom to the top, as at the floor level it is a bit warmer than at height from 2-2.5 m. The disadvantages concern the relatively high value compared with the radiator heating, as well as increased requirements for technical competence and professionalism of installers and quality of their work. Using quality materials and compliance with the technology of installation, in properly designed system of water underfloor heating no problems arise during the operation.

To obtain the estimated temperature of the underfloor heating mixing pump units are used. They form a separate circulating low-temperature circuit, in which hot coolant is added from the primary circuit. The amount of the recirculating coolant may be adjusted either manually or automatically with the aid of thermostats.