• We develop, design and implement projects and installations in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.
  • We work in the field of machine engineering for light and food processing industry, and for mushroom growing.
  • Our company has specialists with a Certificate for design of HVAC and refrigeration equipment.
  • We develop custom machines, machine units for certain machines for the food industry, light industry and mushroom growing.
  • We consult both present and future customers about their ideas in these areas.
  • We perform repair, diagnostics, prevention works and recharging of refrigerators, refrigerated displays, refrigeration buses and trucks.  

1. Design of investment sites, specialty HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

2. Creating design documentation of units, customized machines according to customer’s model. 

3. Designing and creating design documentation of parts, assemblies, custom machines in the field of food and light industry, mushroom growing.

4. Production and installation of custom machines and equipment.

5. Repair of refrigeration systems, chillers, heat pumps.

6. Repair of refrigeration equipment on vehicles.

7. Processing and modification of chillers, heat pumps from air-water or air-air to water-water and/or air-water and vice versa.

8. Creating design documentation, engineering, repair, installation, heat pumps, mushroom production, cannery and design.