About us

The activity of Propartnеr Engineering Ltd. extends over machines and apparatuses for mushroom growing, HVAC and RE /heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment/ and MFI /Machines for the food industry/.

Our goal is to offer competent solutions to your problems using our knowledge and experience in investment design, construction of machines and apparatuses and their production. We assist you in making decisions, customized to each customer.

Our experts have knowledge and practical experience not only to search but also to find solutions to your problems.

The company was founded by Dipl. Eng. Rangel Spasov, who has extensive and long professional and practical experience.

He starts his professional career in the State Cannery Company "Vitamina" in 1977, in the department of production, maintenance and repair of equipment for the food industry. Thanks to his knowledge and creative nature he rises in hierarchy to the position of constructor. After accumulating experience and practice he was deservedly estimated by the managing directors and obtained the title of Chief Constructor and Manager of Department of Machines and equipment in the state cannery "Vitamina" Stamboliisky.

He also worked in a company producing spawn for mushroom production, as well as Chief engineer in a refrigeration equipment company.