Machinery for food industry

The food industry is a major economic sector, part of the light industry, which deals with the processing of primary agricultural products and the manufacture of food, beverages and additives for food (flavor enhancers, colorings, flavorings and preservatives). The bulk of raw materials for the food industry are produced by agriculture. The Thracian Plain is a key region in its output of agricultural products.

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Design and production

Propartner Engineering Ltd. develops and manufactures new equipment, and various types of machinery for the food industry.

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Hammer mill

Designed for the final crushing of tomatoes and other stoneless products. Equipped with a system for washing after completion of the work process.

Made of high-quality stainless steel.

Designed for easy replacement of screens.

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Hammer mill for pepper

Made of stainless and tool steel for grinding of raw materials of the food industry.

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Jar tilter 314ml

Jar tilter 314ml. Tilting at an angle of 180º.

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Jar turner 212ml

Jar turner column 212ml. Turning at angle of 180º.

If necessary it can be made to turn at another angle.

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Pre-hammer mill

Currently under development!

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Sorter band SB 01

Under construction!

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Turkish delight cutter

The machine is designed for cutting layers of Turkish delight. Cutting of the layer is done in two mutually perpendicular planes.

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