Machines of this type are used for mechanization of the process of inserting the substrate/compost in the chambers for pasteurization and the fermentation tunnels (bunker). This equipment greatly reduces manual labor and completion time, and hence the cost of producing the substrate/compost. They have to ability to homogenize the compost/substrate, as well as the ability for correct alignment in height and width, which leads to good permeability of the air circulating through the compost/substrate (vapor-air mixture). In composting bunkers they certainly have the option for adding water, to change the humidity of the material.

The machines produced by Propartner Engineering Ltd. are supplied in several configurations:

  •  With feeder basket, which is part of the machine itself
  •  Without feeder basket - here the machine must work in combination with belt conveyors and a feeder transporter (hopper).

All machines are mobile and can be moved under its own power. Feeding (supply) of compost/substrate is carried out with front loaders fitted with agricultural harrows.

The type and configuration are chosen depending on production volumes.