In the cultivation of the variety field mushroom there are several options for loading /inserting/ the compost in the premises. The most modern way is loading the production premises /mushroom cellars/ with compost directly without packing it. These are the so-called 18-20 cm high beds.

Another method of charging of mushroom beds with compost is in the form of blocks in polyethylene containers. Forming the blocks and packaging is performed by the so-called block machine.

Currently, in Bulgaria, the most common method is the placement of compost for mushrooms in plastic bags manually, which has a number of disadvantages. The trend is to improve the quality and reduce manual labor with the help of a machine.

Machine filling has the following advantages:

  •     Good compacting of the compost in bags/blocks.
  •     Even feeding of seed (mycelium).
  •     Homogenization of compost and mycelium.
  •     Breaking compost lumps.
  •     Much better performance at a lower cost per bag/block.
  •     Limiting the human factor. 

We can offer a machine produced to customer specification, with the respective performance, and meeting the specific requirements of production.

Technical characteristics of the machine for filling bags of compost.


Productivity: 12 bags per minute

Sowing of mycelium: smoothly adjustable

Feeding the machine with compost: mechanical (front loader)

Homogenization of the compost and mycelium

Dimensions: H = 2900mm L = 4200mm W = 2300mm