The shelves are an optimal solution for mushroom cellars where there is or will be implemented mechanized cultivation of field mushrooms.


  • The high accuracy makes it easy to place the machines for mechanized processing of beds - placing the cover, picking loosening, watering. The design of the shelves facilitates cleaning after each cycle of production.
  • The structure of the bed with board creates enough surface area and strength. Mechanized loading provides even quantity of compost. It also allows to place compost blocks without using a net.
  • High quality galvanizing, in case of steel structure. Aluminum shelves are another variant of metal.
  • The shelves are designed while taking into account the static load of the compost, the cover, water and of the processing equipment, which ensures the safe use of the shelves.
  • The shelves are compatible with all types of equipment and accessories for modern and mechanized cultivation of mushrooms.