Construction of cold storage rooms and refrigerated installations

PROPARTNER ENGINEERING LTD. offers design, construction, delivery and installation of refrigeration and blast chiller / freezer.

The basic classification of refrigeration chambers is:

Depending on the temperature:

  • Low temperature.
  • Average temperature.
  • With positive temperatures.

Depending on their purpose:

  • Refrigerators for long-term storage.
  • Refrigerators for short-term storage.
  • Refrigerators for preliminary intensive cooling. / Shock chambers /

PROPARTNER ENGINEERING LTD. carefully selects their suppliers so as to offer the best ratio between quality and price where priority is reliability and high energy efficiency.

Effectiveness i.e. saving electricity depends on the precise determination of the streams of heat into refrigerators, thermal calculation of the surrounding (insulation) structure, correctly calculating the refrigeration cycle and selecting the refrigeration system.

This goal is feasible for us if we have a specific output data:

  • Location of the refrigerated chamber.
  • Purpose.
  • Temperature in the refrigerated chamber.
  • Relative humidity in the refrigerated chamber - φ% (if necessary to maintain)
  • Dimensions; Length - m, Width - m, Height - m,
  • Product - type, flow rate (amount) for certain time.
  • Initial product temperature.
  • Final product temperature after cooling.
  • Time to reach final temperature of cooling of the product.

We make the chamber cooling equipment only with components, i.e. compressors, evaporators, condensers, control and automation elements, and process automation from leading companies such as Copeland, Bitzer, Danfoss.

The surrounding frame is made of panels with the appropriate thickness and coating in accordance with the requirements for storage.

We insist very much on the relationships with our customers and in our work we invest respect, loyalty, commitment, responsibility and professionalism! We strive through discussion with the client to offer the most useful product for them.