The machines for filling compost/substrate in the form of parallelepiped (blocks) according to the product are divided into:

- Machines for blocks for field mushroom

- Machine blocks for oyster mushroom

Depending on the degree of automation, they are:

- Automatic block machines

They are part of the production line, with automatic dosing and pressing of the substrate/compost, but are equipped with an additional module for shaping the polyethylene bag, sticking and cutting. Here human factor is minimized, and man’s role here consists more of control and management of the technological line.

- Semi-automatic block machines

Semi-automatic machines are part of a production line for substrate/compost where the packaging in which the machine pushes pressed substrate is placed manually. The processes of dosing and compressing are automated. Therefore they are characterized with increased productivity, accuracy of the dosing process and automatic pressing until reaching the respective density. Reducing the human factor versus manual block machines.

 - Manual block machines

Manual block machines are with the smallest dimensions and fitted with least automation, thus making them the most reliable. Their disadvantage is little performance and the presence of human factor. Suitable for manufacturers of substrate/compost, which now are starting production.